Do you own property in the Province of Cádiz or are looking to buy one, and do you want to save yourself as much work as possible renting it out to reliable tenants who look after your property and stay long-term so that you can obtain a fixed long-term rental income? We can select the right tenant for you and even check their creditworthiness. Plus, we will also remain in constant contact with him or her so that we are always up-to-date with any issues in the property.



Would you like to rent out your apartment in the Province of Cádiz short-term while you’re not there? Are you looking for a limited-term let because you’ll need it back afterwards? We have an extensive customer base of tenants who are looking for short-term or medium-term lets because of their jobs (for example, teachers or Spanish and US military).  We speak fluent English and have multilingual contracts (Spanish, German and English) to bring landlords and potential tenants from different places together.



Do you find it worrying to have to rent out your holiday home to complete strangers over the internet? We can take all the legwork – and even the worry – out of letting out your home. We will select the right tenant for you, as known many of our clients personally for a number of years. We can deal with the drawing up of the rental agreement (in different languages where required), handle deposits and bonds and check inventory and the condition of the apartment before handover to the tenant.

Our network also has a number of cleaners available when changing between tenants, or tradespeople who are ready to help out with minor improvements or to fix issues in the apartments. And don’t worry, we won’t leave you with all the bureaucracy to do yourself: we can help you register your apartment officially as a holiday home, keep a log of guests to be shared with the police as required by law, complete and send in any necessary tax returns and to deal with any and all legal requirements for holiday homes.